designing a sustainable home on Cape Cope or Martha's Vineyard

5 Key Elements for Designing
a Sustainable Home on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard

designing a sustainable home on Cape Cope or Martha's Vineyard

Designing a beautiful home with rich architectural detailing does not mean having to forego the environmental benefits of energy efficient options available for new construction homes. Working with a residential architect, your home can provide both beauty and sustainability, resulting in a graceful addition to your Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard property that you will enjoy for years to come.

Here are 5 key elements for designing a sustainable home that is both energy-efficient and contributes to the architectural beauty that is Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

1. Specify Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors add to the overall appeal of your home. There are high-quality manufacturers in all every style from stock traditional to modern custom. Windows and doors provide for natural flow of light and air and draw your eye to the most appealing views from your home. It is very important to ensure that you are choosing windows and doors that complement your home’s design while providing sustainability and efficiency.

For example, if you want a wall of windows to let in a lot of natural light, choose windows that have the Energy Star label. This will mitigate air conditioning costs in the summer months. Another option to consider is gas-filled windows with low-e coatings that reduce heat loss, making them perfect for colder climates, such as New England winters.

2. Accenting with LED Lighting

Lighting is critical to accenting the beauty of the architectural choices in your home. Using LED lighting, your bulbs last much longer while still providing a kind of warmth in your home. They can be used in a variety of lighting fixtures. You do not have to forgo style and design to achieve energy efficiency. Consider the LED lighting option for any and all rooms in your home.

3. Designing a Structurally Sound Living Space

Sustainability often starts in the early stages of design when your home is being framed and made structurally sound. It is the relationship of insulation to structure that secures the best thermal envelope. Using insulated panels, for example, solves the structure and insulation in one step. Carefully detailing can improve the effectiveness of heat and cooling. While you might not see these options tucked behind your walls, they are key to the health of your living space, allowing you to safely enjoy your home’s beauty for generations.

4. Designing Ventilation

Part of the appeal of Martha’s Vineyard is amazing views of water open fields and natural woods. Therefore, building a screened porch or sunroom where you can sit and relax is a part of nearly every home. If you are considering such an addition to your home, then it is important to choose sustainable options to increase the ventilation throughout the space. Your residential architect has experience planning the location and orientation of the space. Opening windows from the top down and other thoughtful ideas can make cross ventilation really work. Beyond the shell, consider adding fans or hidden vents that do not detract from the views or the design details of your room while increasing air circulation throughout the space.

5. Choosing Your Wood Stove or Fireplace

Beautiful fireplaces add real ambiance and articulation to a gathering room in your home. A well-designed wood stove can also create a source of warmth in any room. Either feature can be the centerpiece to a room’s design and an inviting attraction for gatherings and relaxation. The atmospheric qualities of well-designed fireplaces cannot be overstated.

Your Sustainable Home on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard

The regional culture and climate of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard provide a local authenticity and inspiration for your own personal tastes. Using sustainable fundamentals, you can create a beautiful home that speaks to your style while being environmentally friendly.

If you are considering building in the Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard area, please contact us for a consultation.

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